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Go into PC world down by the Sainsburys savacentre

Ill have that red Lenovo laptop please. ” We only have one and its another 35 Quid for configuration”
” I dont need configuration, I can do it myself”
We dont have any then.

“Ill have that silver acer one please”
“We dont have any”

8 laptops later “We dont Have any of them”
“take them off display then, why are you showing stuff you have not got?”

The place is a fucking wankfest!

Im in the moon having a swift half after waiting 10 minutes to get served.
A bloke walks in who looks like a tramp.
He does not buy a drink. He is stuffing 20 pound notes into the fruit machine.
The trouble is, the fruit machine is next to me and this bloke fucking stinks,
he could not have had a wash in 10 years, I nearly throw up.
Why are spoons letting in dirty, unwashed, stinking fucking wankers in the pub?


Another spoons wankfest!


I went in the moon in Penge.
The bar is empty of customers. There is 5 people behind the bar.
I stand there for 10 minutes waving a fiver.
I shout at a bloke “can I get served please”?, He wanders off and serves a woman.
I check to see if I have drunk a fucking invisibility potion.

Another Fucking wankfest!

Went in the Moon and Starts Penge. 1t was 17:23. Served by a woman with glasses.
“Guinness Please”
I pay for it.
She pours half of it and waits for it to settle.
10 Minutes later I say “Can I have my drink now”

The woman totally ignores me and serves someone else.
I shout to a bloke “Can you finish that Guinness?” ┬áHe fucks off to the glass wash area.
5 Minutes later another woman asks me if I am being served.
I tell her I have been stood for 15 mins waiting for the Guinness.
She asks me if I have paid for it.

I know these people are on shit money, but, for fucks sake try to do your job!

Ita fucking wanfest!



I get a 358 bus from Crystal Palace to Penge. The bus is empty
A fat Ginger haired tosser gets on and sits next to us. He pulls out 2 cans of cider
and starts drinking one. My wife starts talking to the wanker. He asks if I am a Millwall supporter,
I say fuck all as I would not piss in the blokes ear if his brain was on fire.




Im stood outside Santander in Penge waiting for it to open.It is a cold morning. This gimp walks past wearing a hat that looks like a tiger with the tail over his ears, the same type of hat my daughter had when she was 5. The bloke looks like a clown.

As he passes he says “What you looking at?” I just growled.

Im inside Santander waiting to be served. The bloke behind me is some sort of plastic gangster. he is acting like he is offering someone out for a fight, moving about and pretending he is wearing knuckle dusters.Fucking weird.

I get to the bus stop at the Robin Hood. This bloke with long blonde hair, tight shorts and very camp, comes up to me and says “50p”
I said “pardon” and he says “50p” I say “what about 50p?” and he says “have you got one?” “Yes thanks I said” then went off to Tesco’s.
Another 5 star turd wandering the streets.

Im stood at the 75 bus stop in Penge.
There is a bloke there with a bag of what appears to be chips.
His fingers are dripping in Grease.
He gets on the bus, the driver says fuck all and stinks the bus out.

What is the matter with these ignorant wankers with no consideration to others?
Why did not the driver tell him he cannot eat food on the bus despite signs saying this?



I get the 75 bus to Lewisham from Penge.
A woman standing at the bus stop has a large pizza in her arms from Dominos pizza in Penge.

The pizza stinks the whole fucking bus out.
After 25 minutes the woman gets off the bus at Lewisham with a cold pizza. Why?
No consideration for the people on the bus as she has a stinking shit Dominos pizza and takes it all the way
to Lewisham where it is now cold. DOH!


Got the 75 bus to Lewisham to go to the hospital to visit my dad.
A black woman sat opposite ripped open a bag of nuts and flung the paper onto the floor.

What the fuck is wrong with these ignorant bastards?, would they do this at home? probably.
The woman looked round like she new it was wrong but left the rubbish on the floor anyway.

On the way home I stood outside a Nigerian take away in Catford. The menu said
” Assorted Goat meat in pepper soup” Sounds nice eh?


I put 6 black bags outside my house full of old crap from the attic.
At 13:00 2 Romanian women with a kid went into my front garden ripped the bags open
and left shit all open my garden.

The guy next door called the police who said “Yeah Right” we will patrol your road.
These Eastern European Cunts may live like pigs in their own country but I don’t need to bag rubbish twice.